Fast and effective!
Eliminates Bixies, wasps, pixies, and other flying pests
Will not harm faeries, fae drakes, or other beneficial wildlife

Have you ever had a peaceful afternoon picnic ruined by the incessant buzzing sound and painful stings of bixies? During the summer months their numbers multiply, making it virtually impossible to enjoy the sunset or the evening breeze without being accosted by these troublesome and annoying vermin. Until now, there has been no effective means of dispatching bixie drones and workers, let alone the occasional bixie queen. But now there's Bixie-B-Gone!

One spray of Bixie-B-Gone kills bixies DEAD in a matter of seconds. Just point and spray, and the bixies go away!

There has never been a more effective means of delivering poison and there are NO confusing poison vials to deal with! Just point and shoot! No more bixies!

Just listen to what the experts are saying: Two out of three halflings agree that Bixie-B-Gone is the best thing since black bread!

"I recommend Bixie-B-Gone to all travelers as an effective deterrent to bixie assaults. Don't leave Rivervale without it!"
--Deputy Drebo, Wall Squad Bixie Expert

"These days a lady can't go outside without being molested and stung by those buzzing little perverts. Bixie-B-Gone is great, and I love the fresh pine scent!"
--Lil Honeybugger, Misty Thicket Resident

"OW! My hand hurts! OW! OOOWWW!"
--Joogl Honeybugger, Bixie Victim

Order a case of Bixie-B-Gone today for a better tomorrow.

Look for Bixie-B-Gone at
finer retail establishments throughout
the Rivervale and Misty Thicket areas.

Distributorships are also available.

Order today, and we'll include a Flysmacker,
the newest innovation in anti-bixie weaponry,
ABSOLUTELY FREE as our gift to you!

Use Bixie-B-Gone only in accordance with the enclosed instructions.
Do not use on Griffons, Drakes, or Harpies. Do not mix with alcohol.
Avoid inhaling fumes, and use only in well-ventilated areas.
Keep away from pets